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The methodology used to perform this review study is based (partially) on the MEErP methodology, adding up surveys to consumers and stakeholders and the assessment of market surveillance. The details of the methodology followed are entailed in the description of the tasks below:

A. Survey of consumer awareness

Preparation and execution of a survey to assess the general tyres buying behaviour of the end users, and the end-user awareness on the tyre labelling scheme, including the need for further information on the label such as information on snow/ice performances.

B. Information from suppliers

Assessment of the information on tyre parameters provided by the vehicle suppliers and the distributors to end-users and if relevant elaboration of recommendation for improvements.

C. Extensions of labelling schemes

Assessment of the possibilities to extend the labelling scheme to include retreated tyres, to include new tyres parameters (such as mileage) and grip grading on ice/snow in the label. The assessment will include collection of market data, analysis of the technical progress and possibilities, economic consequences for consumers and industry, analysis of environmental impact (based on scenarios) and development of policy recommendations.

D. Market surveillance in MS

Establishment of an overview of market surveillance activities carried out in the various Member States and elaboration of recommendations for improvement of the enforcement.

E. Improvement of regulation clarity

Identification and analysis of the possibility to improve the clarity of the Regulation in general, avoiding grey areas leading to possible misinterpretation. Existing provisions of the implementing measures under the energy-related products labelling Directive 2010/30/EU will be taken into consideration as a model, especially the labelling of energy-related products on the internet (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 518/2014).

F. Other relevant aspects

Assessment of other relevant aspects that might require an adaptation of the Regulation such as inter alia the handling of studded tyres or the possibility to set a registration database.

Involvement of stakeholders

The European Commission is dedicated in giving stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to this study thereby creating a fully transparent and open process. This website is the main information exchange platform between the study-team, the Commission and the stakeholders.

All (draft) documents will be freely available through this website. If you register as stakeholder you will receive notifications on website updates. Furthermore, as stakeholder, you can provide direct feedback to draft reports published on this website and make suggestions for energy-related products. Please note that your comments and suggestions may be made public on this website. You can also provide other non-public comments directly to the study team.


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