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The aim of this study is to investigate the needs and possibilities for revision of the Regulation, assessing:

  • The end-users’ understanding of the label and the consumers’ buying behaviour
  • The sufficiency of the information provided by vehicle suppliers and distributors on tyres parameters
  • The possibility to extend the labelling scheme to include retreaded tyres and mileage
  • The possibility to adapt the labelling requirements to technical progress of the grip grading of tyres primarily designed to perform better in ice and/or snow conditions
  • The possibilities to improve the clarity of the Regulation, avoiding grey areas
  • The ability of the Regulation to achieve market transformation
  • The differentiation on the level of enforcement of the Regulation by the different Member States and a potential reinforcement of market surveillance
  • Any other relevant aspects that might require an adaptation of the Regulation such as inter alia the handling of studded tyres or the possibility to set a registration database

Specific study tasks are described in the methodology section.

The Energy Labelling Directive

The study will consider the possibility to integrate the relevant provisions from the Energy Labelling Directive and energy labelling implementing measures in the tyre labelling regulation (EU) 1222/2009.


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