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Published documents from the study team



April 2016

Final report - Review study on labelling of tyres [PDF]

November 2015

Minutes from stakeholder meeting regarding the review study on the labelling of tyres [PDF]

November 2015

Presentation stakeholders meeting 20/11/15 Review EU-tyre labelling scheme [PDF]


Background documents



November 2009

1222/2009 Regulation on labelling of tyres with respect to fuel efficiency and other essential parameters (background document)

May 2010

2010/30/EU Energy Labelling Directive (background document)

March 2014

518/2014 Regulation with regard to labelling of energy-related products on the internet (background document)

March 2011

228/2011 Regulation with regard to the wet grip testing method for C1 tyres (background document)


1235/2011 Regulation with regard grading of tyres, the measurement of rolling resistance and the verification procedure


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Published documents from the study team

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